BierBank set 50cm (Beerbench set)

BierBank set 50cm (Beerbench set)

- Coniferous wood varnished colorless

- Table width 50 cm

- green angle steel frame

- screwed 3 times

- three stacking bars

- Wood thickness 28-30mm

- Standard length 220cm

- galvanized snapper

- Brewery quality


Real Oktoberfest set for your home.

Top Quality

  • Disclaimer

    Marquee sets are not suitable for outdoor use. Wood is a natural product that must not be exposed to constant weather. Rain, sun and strong temperature fluctuations can lead to paint damage, cracks and warping of the wood.

    If this is not observed, no guarantee can be given

  • Technical Information

    A 'Bierzeltgarnitur in Brauereiqualität' (beer benches and table set in brewery quality) is commonly used in hospitality sectors for festive events, parties, and gatherings thanks to its fast and simple assembly, deassembly and high durability.

    This furniture is specifically produced to cater the German Oktoberfest, authentic breweries and restaurants which require Bierbänke and Biertische (benches and tables) at the highest standart possible.

    All tables and benches come in uniform lengh of 220cm to match the standart of Oktoberfest. Benches are built to accomodate 5 people per unit allowing 10 people to gather around the table at once. 

AED1٬599٫00 Regular Price
AED1٬439٫10Sale Price